7th Barrande Bioscience Meeting

9 - 11 October 2022

Thank you!

7th Barrande Bioscience meeting in Olomouc is over. Thank you, dear participants and colleagues, for exciting scientific discussions and dissemination of excellent scientific results. Now it is time to move on, to develop new common projects based on ideas which arouse during this intensive meeting, establishing of new partnerships and strengthening of already successful Czech French collaboration.

GOOD LUCK and hopefully see you next year on next 8th Barrande Bioscience Meeting in France!


The 7th Barrande Bioscience Meeting is organized after almost three years pause. We are pleased to bring together French and Czech researchers in the field of Bioscience again. As a main vision of this meeting the scientists from both countries will together discuss the recent results, share experience and most importantly initiate new collaborations across various research fields and topics. 

This time 5 research topics covering significant part of the bioscience field were selected and the individual talks will be again presented by the excellent scientists in the field. Young participants will join the conference with their results and the contact with the reputable mentors should further advance their scientific career.

Organized by

Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute (CATRIN), Palacký University in Olomouc, School of Biotechnology of Strasbourg, CNRS and University of Strasbourg, under the auspices of French Embassy in Prague and French Institute in Praque

Conference Chairman

Katerina POLAKOVA, PhD, group leader of the „Nanomaterials in Biomedicine“, CATRIN, Czech Republic

Jean-Luc GALZI, PhD, Director of the UMR7242 „Biotechnology and Cell Signaling“, France

Main Topics

  • Nanosystems and drug delivery
  • Nanosystems and imaging
  • Drug discovery and delivery
  • Chemistry applied to biology systems
  • Nanocarriers